Deep Sea Species Projects🐠🐡🐟

The Green Schools Committee recently invited Rory, a marine biologist from Galway Aquarium and The Explorers Programme to visit Fourth Class. On his first visit, we learned all about different deep sea species. He gave us all a workbook with lots of information and fun activities to complete. He also gave us some homework which we were  actually happy to do! We had to prepare and complete a project on any type of sea species. We enjoyed doing our projects as they were part of our English report writing so we did some of the work during class time.

Rory visited us for the second time last week. He started with a quiz and he was delighted that we remembered lots of the information he had already taught us. We then did a science experiment where we completed a circuit to see how a lightbulb works. We really enjoyed that activity. We then drew a fish and attached the bulb to the fish to show how some deep sea species can shine their own light to see underwater.

Finally, Rory asked us about our projects and he was really happy with everyone’s work. We all enjoyed Rory’s visits and we really want to say thanks to the Green Schools Committee who organised it.


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