The Stay Safe Programme is a personal safety skills programme for primary schools. Its overall objective is to prevent child abuse, bullying and other forms of victimisation.

The Child Abuse Prevention Programme (CAPP) was established in 1987 to tackle the problems of bullying and child abuse. To this end, CAPP introduced the Stay Safe Programme into primary schools with the aim of developing the personal safety skills of primary school children.

Personal Safety

Children need personal safety skills in order to respond safely to a dangerous, upsetting or abusive situation before it becomes serious. We already teach children about the danger posed by traffic and how to cross a road safely, but we also need to teach them how to handle other unsafe situations. We’ve found that children are better at learning and remembering personal safety skills when home and school work together.

The link below directs to the Stay Safe Site. It contains useful information for talking to your child about these important life skills. There is also a parents handbook and access to all the content that will be covered by the teacher in class.

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