Members of the student council tell us about their ‘Internet and Technology Use Agreement’.

On Thursday 13th September, Clarecastle National School launched its Internet and Technology Agreement. Parents and local public representatives filled the school hall in support of the initiative. CNS has high hopes for dialogue and action both within our community and hopefully nationally on this incredibly important issue of students’ use of technology.

The Internet and Technology Use Agreement has been drawn up by students, teachers, parents and the Board of Management of Clarecastle National School over the past number of months with the guidance and assistance of Dr Maureen Griffin, Forensic Psychologist and Director of MGMS Training Ltd. It provides guidelines on best practice on the use of technology by children in the home and gives parents resources that will help monitor and secure their child’s use of technology.

Children and their parents have been invited to sign up to this agreement on how technology will be used by pupils in the school. The aim of this is to ensure that children embrace technology in a safe, age appropriate environment while leaving time for other important behaviours essential for their health and well-being.

Click on the link above to view the Clarecastle National School Internet and Technology Agreement.

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