Clarecastle National School has been very lucky over the years to have a vibrant and active Parents Association. It meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 8.30 p.m. in the school library and all parents are welcome to attend the meetings. It is principally a forum for parents of children attending the school to share knowledge and ideas which will improve and enrich the learning experience of all the children at Clarecastle National School. Any new ideas, views and comments are always welcome so please do not hesitate in letting your voice be heard!

What does Clarecastle NS’s Parents Association do?

The Parents Association offers support to the school staff and Board of Management for the benefit of all pupils

Its work includes:

– Helping to organise and manage events during the year.
– Organising fundraising events to raise money for improved facilities and equipment for the school.
– Maintaining the school library.
– Managing the rental of the school hall.
– Purchasing new equipment for the school.
– Inputting parent views as part of the school’s policy forming process.
– Sharing skills that parents have (e.g. giving talks and demonstrations about their professions, sharing musical or sporting talent etc)

Playing a part in some way – no matter how small – is such a help and can be very rewarding for parents. It is a nice way to meet other parents, find out about what is going on in the school, input your views and suggestions and have an active role in the school community.

What should I do if I’m interested in finding out more?

Please contact Marie Clare Gorman who will be happy to chat to you further.

Parents Association Officers

Chairperson: Sarah Concannon
Assistant Chairperson: Niamh Millard
Secretary: Niamh Blake
Assistant Secretary: Michelle Ammara
Treasurer: Anne Marie Gillan
Assistant Treasurer: Carole Murphy


Library: Zoe Barrett

Hall Rental: Michelle Ammara

Cash 4 Clobber: Carole Murphy

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