Engineers of the Future

Engineer’s Week in Room 8 was great fun with lots of STEAM experiments and exploration. One of our favourites was making a bubble machine out of a paper coffee cup. We had so much fun creating mountains of bubbles!!!!!

Follow the procedure below to make your own!!

How to make your own bubble machine!

What you will need: 


paper cup

washing up liquid


a pencil

masking tape


  1. Take a paper cup.
  2. Get your pencil and make a hole at the bottom of the paper cup.
  3. Put the straw into the hole.
  4. Wrap the masking tape around the straw to make sure that no water leaks out!
  5. Pour some washing up liquid into the bottom of the paper cup.
  6. Fill it with water until it covers the bottom of the straw.
  7. Blow into the top of the straw and make lots of bubbles.
  8. Enjoy!

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