Hard and Soft – Junior Infants



Strand Unit​:

Properties and characteristics of materials

Content objectives​:

  • observe and investigate a range of familiar materials in the immediate environment
  • describe and compare materials, noting the differences in the colour, shape and  texture
  • group materials according to certain criteria


In small groups, children were asked if they knew the words “hard” and “soft” and whether  they could find a material in the classroom that fit those criteria. Once the correct  materials were found to demonstrate hard and soft we showed them to the group and all  children were allowed feel the texture.

Main Body​:

Using a feely bag, I got children in pairs to tell their partner (without looking) to find a  hard or soft item from the bag. They then placed the item on the correct sorting sheet  labelled “hard” and “soft”. This continued till all items from the feely bag were gone.   I then took all the items and jumbled them up on the table. As a whole group they then  sorted the materials as quickly as they could.


The group completed a worksheet based on hard and soft in their Small World workbook.  They had to colour the soft items green and the hard items red.

**Was completed as part of an Aistear station.


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