Maths Stations Games

Third Class play various maths games at their maths stations twice per week.

  • Large Playing Cards – Racing to quickly Add 3 digit numbers to 3 digit numbers, which are formed using large playing cards.
  • Multiplication 4 in a four – the children multiply the two numbers on the dice in an attempt to cross out four numbers in a row.
  • Tablet Games – Hit the button on Topmarks website. Prodigy where you must battle other players while answering different maths questions.
  • Multiplication Bump – Focusing on the difficult tables x6, x7, x8. The children must roll the two dice and add the numbers together. They must then multiply that number by the 6, 7 or 8 and try lock down the number. If they stack two of their colour onto the number, then they lock it in. Whoever gets the most numbers locked in wins.
  • Dice Game – The children are given a target number and after rolling two dice, must decide whether to add, multiply or subtract the numbers in order to reach the target number.


You can play any of these games at home with paper, a pencil, decks of cards, counters, dice and/or an iPad.


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