STEPS Engineers Award and Class Visit from Engineer

Steps Engineers Award


3rd Class showcased their STEPS Engineers award project to a local engineer, Maeve Guilfoyle, in November 2019.


Before the visit, the children were required to brainstorm 3 things they would like to improve in their community. They then had to select one of these issues and design, create and make a prototype of their improvements. These are the various projects that the children created.


  • Traffic lights for outside our school (for when the lollypop lady is not there)
  • 5-Star Transformation – Changing Roche into a Hotel
  • Improving Clarecastle G.A.A.’s Car Park
  • Shelter for homeless people
  • Sensory playground for children with Special Educational Needs
  • Heated Seats for Cusack Park

On the visit from the engineer, the children presented their projects, learned about what engineers did, designed the layout for a new town and designed and created a windmill.


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