Our Last Few Weeks before the Holidays…..

The last few weeks are rolling by and Third Class are now looking forward to their summer holidays. Some boys and girls made delicious scones using the LOVELY recipe that Ms Casey gave everyone when we were doing weight in Maths. Thank you Ms Casey! There are a few pastry chefs in the house and everyone said that your recipe makes the most delicious scones ever!

One girl raided her fridge as part of an investigation as to whether the following seeds would grow: chilli, lemon, orange, pepper, spring onion, tomatoes, and avocado seeds. All seeds germinated except the avocado! She then bought a greenhouse and is taking great care of all of those plants and more! Her photos and a record of her work have been sent off to Agri Aware as our entry for the ‘Incredible Edibles’ project that we had started before we finished school in March.

Some were out and about cycling around Clarecastle, exploring our lovely village and its surroundings while others headed off on a family trip to one of our lovely beaches. Isn’t it just great to be able to get to the beach at last?!

Chalk art has also proven popular – take a look at this lovely rainbow to put a smile on our faces and to brighten our day! Happy Holidays everyone!


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