Third Class are ready for World Book Day!

Third Class are ready for World Book Day! We all love reading and one series of books that are a great favourite with Third Class are the Harry Potter books. We have our very own witches and wizards here, ready to cast a spell on us all!

One pupil wrote to David Walliams and she got a letter back from him. He said that one day, an idea for a story just “popped” into his head and that is how he became an author. His top tip for becoming an author is to “BE ORIGINAL”. He also wrote that “stories are like dreams. They are whirling around in your mind. All you have to do is catch them.” What a lovely letter to get for World Book Day!

Whose faces could be behind those books and behind that pile of slime?! Let’s start guessing! The ‘Bookface Challenge’ has begun!

Happy World Book Day everyone!


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