Work, Rest and Play – It’s all happening in Third Class!

All kinds of everything are happening in Third Class! Firstly, well done to our ‘Lip Sync Ladies’ from the School Choir who should be very proud of their performance last week and can be seen in the ‘News’ section of this website. Meanwhile, STEAM work is proving very popular in many homes and it’s great to see that pupils are looking at the weights of food items for Maths. When the work is done, Third Class are enjoying the fun with younger brothers and sisters, gardening, picnics, baking, resting and reading while big birthday celebrations are great fun in the sun! The pets are having a wonderful time going for walks and getting great cuddles – a big welcome shout out to Buddy and Cody, the new puppies!

Some fantastic artwork has also been undertaken – take a look at the amazing painting of the  deer! We have a fact for you and a quiz question too – Fact: The Celts believed that deer were part of the fairy world and had magical powers. As one of the oldest animals in existence, the deer was a symbol of life and vitality. Their antlers were a symbol of the tree of life.

And now for your quiz question: Who is that little boy in the photo reading a story many years ago? Answers on a postcard please to Third Class, Clarecastle NS, Co. Clare!!


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