Green Schools Trip to Dromoland Castle

Fourth Class were really lucky to be selected by the Green Schools Committee to attend a Sustainability Workshop at Dromoland Castle. We met Fiona when we arrived and she brought us on a walk through the grounds where she told us about the different wildlife, plants and trees on the estate.
We then walked along by the lake to the recycling area. Fiona introduced us to Frankie who takes care of the composting of waste food. The composter consists of different chambers through which compostable waste passes and decomposes over a few weeks.
We then met Dorothy, the head gardener. She gave us information about some of the different trees growing in Dromoland, including the 200 year old Monterey Cypress tree and oak trees which take 300 years to grow, 300 years to live and 300 years to die. She also told us about the nine cygnets which were born in Dromoland last year.

Fiona and Dorothy gave us a tour of the walled garden where we saw all of the plants which will be in bloom in spring. They told us that each day, rainfall is measured in this garden and the results are sent to Met Éireann. We saw the pear and apple trees and the green house, where grapes and tomatoes are sown and which is now being prepared to grow winter lettuce. Dorothy showed us the bee boles which were used long ago and Fiona told us about the honey that is made nowadays on the estate. As we finished the tour of the walled garden, Dorothy gave us all some crocus and grape hyacinth bulbs to sow at home.
After a really interesting and informative tour on a frosty Friday, the 1st of December, Fiona brought us into the Fig Tree restaurant where we were treated to delicious hot chocolate and tasty pastries.

Fiona invited us back again when spring arrives and we are looking forward to our next trip already! Many thanks to all at Dromoland Castle for a really lovely trip.



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