Clarecastle NS Virtual Choir

This year, due to Covid 19 restrictions, Clarecastle NS choir could not rehearse in person. However that didn’t stop the children from making beautiful music remotely – and so Clarecastle NS virtual choir came to life! Children from 3rd- 6th participated and rehearsed weekly with melody “meeting” on a Tuesday and parts on a Wednesday. It was definitely a new challenge for the children as they would sing on their own, without being able to hear the blend of voices until the pieces were finally combined. However they embraced this challenge whole heartedly, attended rehearsals where they would learn the piece, practised at home with a recording of their part and then recorded their track or a video of them singing which they then emailed to their choir director who compiled all the tracks into a finished choral piece. I think they secretly enjoyed making master videographers out of their mams and dads! 🙂

Between November and Easter they learnt and recorded 7 different songs, to which you will find the links here. We hope you enjoy these videos.


And remember, as Ms. Parkinson always says, HAPPY SINGING! 🙂



  1. All on a Silent Night
  2. Christmas Wish
  3. My Christmas Tree
  4. Sing
  5. Amhrán na gCupán–OYyH4QKOIYWG-Nr/view?usp=sharing
  6. Good Job
  7. Try Everything

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