Incredible Edibles Project 2024🥦🧅🍓🥕🧤🧤

Fourth Class have been very busy since April with the Incredible Edibles project. This is part of our work for the Green Schools Committee. They had a lot of work to do such as:

-sowing fruit and vegetables in the Community Garden and at home

-identifying Irish fruit and vegetables at home

-preparing and cooking fruit and vegetables at home and at school

-eating fruit at school for lunch and keeping a record of the fruit and vegetables they ate during Healthy Eating Week

-keeping an eye on their garden and watching the produce grow

Some of the exciting parts of the project were cooking soup at school which most of them enjoyed when they got to taste it. They also met Liam at the Community Garden and sowed broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, onions, herbs and strawberries which was great fun. They are looking forward to gathering their fully grown produce during the summer holidays! They put the project together online using ‘Padlet’ and it looked really good before sending it off to AgriAware to be judged. They are going for GOLD so keep watching to hear the result!!


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