STEAM in Third Class

We had great fun in Third Class yesterday as we were the lucky class to be picked to have a STEAM workshop in our classroom. Michael Browne decided to pay us a visit and to teach us all about pulleys. We not only learned about making our own pulleys but we also learned about gravity and weight. We had a chance to work together and do some problem solving too!
Michael gave us the materials and we got to work. We got a straw, a wooden skewer, a thread spool, a bottle of water which had a hole in the lid and string. We had to use all of the materials to design a system, using a pulley, to lift the bottle of water from the floor without spilling a drop! We all worked in our groups and we all succeeded at the task. Take a look at the photos of each group at work! Many thanks to Michael and to Clare Education Centre for the wonderful workshop.🧵🧶😀


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